Undercover Season 2 Final Episode Coming to Netflix?

Is Undercover Season 2 Final Episode Coming to Netflix?
Is Undercover Season 2 Final Episode Coming to Netflix?

Is Undercover Season 2 Final Episode Coming or not? A Belgian and Dutch collaboration TV series that has made its debut on Netflix. However, Nico Molenaar has written the entire concept of the Undercover series. And Eshref Reybrouck and Frank Devos are two directors of the series. The undercover series season has got mixed reviews from experts as well as audiences. In addition, Netflix has acted as the international publisher of the series. But in France, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the first season of the Undercover has regional broadcasters. The first season of the TV Show has made its entry at the Cannes series Festival in April 2018. However, the series has got the Audience Award at the Seriencamp ceremony and conference in Munich.

Screendepedent stated: “The general plot is very interesting, but really, their are other reasons that make this TV series so meaningful.” The absurd situations, the different roles… all these factors are making Undercover strangely layered. Then, of course, there’s tension, which is equally heightened and completely exploded by the final episode. Flanders and Netherlands Hall succeeded to keep together this usual interesting Tv series that over the years. ”

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Release date – Undercover Season 2 Final Episode

The primary season of the series came on Netflix on May 3, 2019. However, in Belgium, the series was published on February 24, 2019. According to references, the second season of Undercover has been delivered on Netflix on September 6, 2020. But the new release date was announced by the makers. The second season of the series will screen on November 8, 2020. However, like the first season, viewers are assuming that the second season will also include ten episodes.

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Undercover, the second season of the series stars Anna Drijver as Kim De Rooij and Tom Waes as Bob Lemmens. Along with both, some other cast members are:

  • Frank Lammers
  • Elise Schaap
  • Raymond Thiry
  • Robbie Cleiren
  • Manou Kersting
  • Katrien De Ruysscher
  • Huub Smit
  • Lieke van den Broek
  • and Sara De Bosschere.

!! IIs Undercover Season 2 Final Episode Coming or not? !!


Apparently, the second season of the series will begin a new course from the conclusion of the first season. At the same time, the first season has primarily made headlines on the illicit drug trade. However, with this, we can surmise that Kim and Bob will join a new world of arms trafficking in the second season. The second season will generally concentrate on the illegal arms trade in Belgium.

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Trailer – Undercover Season 2 Final Episode

The trailer for the following season of Undercover has already been a hit on social media. However, the trailer has received some favourable reactions from spectators.

As this season is coming after a long time, viewers have high expectations from the sequel. In the end, everyone can only expect an impressive story of the series as a whole, with more coming soon. Till then stay safe, stay enjoying.

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