Top 10 TV Shows to Watch Like Hache

Top 10 TV Shows to Watch Like Hache
Top 10 TV Shows to Watch Like Hache

Hache is a crime web series, you will find a lot of drama in it. Veronica Fernandez is the maker of the show. Meanwhile, the background is in Barcelona in the 60s. Barcelona is the world of drug trafficking. Its first season of Hache has a total of eight episodes. Here we have collected Top 10 TV Shows to watch like Hache.

List of Top 10 TV Shows to Watch Like Hache

The Wire

David Simon, former police reporter and a writer is the author of this excellent crime drama series. The setting is in Baltimore, Maryland and initially began as a police drama. However, it follows the ventures of Ed Burns, who is Simon’s companion. And Burns is a public school teacher and a former detective. In addition, in each new session, it introduces a different institution of law enforcement.


Dope - Top 10 TV Shows to Watch Like Hache

Dope, a TV show, an American documentary. The story of the show centres drug trafficking. Drug dealers and Law enforcement officers are followed by the cameraman to reveal the processes of the drug world.

The Inmate

Telemundo International Studios are the creators of the show. This American television drama show is adapted from an Argentine television series titled El Marginal. Adrian Cateno and Sebastian Ortega are the two makers of The Inmate, which follows an ex-Marine. This Marine examines a crime in a maximum-security jail. The jail is located between the boundaries of Mexico and the United States.


Diego Enrique Osorno is the producer of this show. The show is a Mexican web television series. The story revolves around Malcolm Moriarty, a young entrepreneur from Arizona. He crosses the boundary of Mexico when he is running away from the police. Subsequently, Malcolm joins with drug dealers and becomes his American ally.

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El Chapo

Univision and Netflix have produced this crime drama series. As the title hints, the show is about Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman. He was a leader of the Sinaloa Cartel and a prominent Mexican drug lord. The show covers everything from being a member of the Guadalajara cartel to a small-scale Sinaloa cartel leader and eventually to his downfall.

Sons of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy - Top 10 TV Shows to Watch Like Hache

The maker of the crime show is Kurt Sutter. The plot of the show is about a club president who starts to question himself after receiving a manifesto. Jackson’s father is the author of this manifesto, which was also the leader of his major club. The questions that pop up in Jackson’s head are largely the club’s decider. In addition, he begins to think about their relationships, brotherhood, love, betrayal and loyalty.

Dogs of Berlin

After Mystery series Dark, Dogs of Berlin is the 2nd German series to receive Netflix support. Kurt Grimmer and Errol Birken are in the lead roles. They are playing roles as police officers examining the death of Orkan Erdem. OrKan is a Turkish-German footballer and a leader in his field.

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Bad Blood

Simon Barry is one who produced and created this Canadian drama Series. It revolves around crime. This show was actually a miniseries, but Rogers Media renewed it in March 2018 for a second season. The first season is focused on the Rizzuto crime family of Montreal and their rise and fall.


With its establishment in Colombia, Narcos centres Pablo Escobar, a leading drug kingpin. He became a billionaire by creating and supplying cocaine across the area. Pablo’s popularity is the main fact for the fame of this amazing show.


Bloodline - Top 10 TV Shows to Watch Like Hache

Daniel Zellman, Glenn Kessler and Todd A Kessler are creators of the show. And Sony Television Pictures produced Bloodline. In addition, the show has three seasons and 33 episodes. It is a thriller drama series.

Nowadays, the taste of the public is catching Crime, drama and thriller TV series. Assuredly, if you want to enjoy an exciting story with exciting characters, then all these shows are for you to watch. Happy watching!

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