Top 10 TV Shows Like Gypsy To Watch

TV Shows Like Gypsy
TV Shows Like Gypsy

Netflix Psycho-Drama Gypsy, of Netflix, is a story-driven by women. The show is starring Naomi Watts as Jean Holloway. She is a bored, voyeuristic therapist. She smudges the borders between personal and professional life. the forces of desire are clashing with reality. However, she develops the adulterous relationships with her patients. And the effect of her actions is greater than she can imagine. However, Netflix quickly dropped this original series. Because there are some reasons behind that. Here are ten fantastic TV shows like Gypsy that you can enjoy.

La Reina del Sur

La Reina del Sur is a Spanish TV series first launched in 2011, based on the novel by Arturo Perez-Reverte. It features Kate Del Castillo as Teresa Mendoza. Likewise, the storyline of the series centres Mendoza’s rise from a naive girlfriend to the leader of the drug cartel. Also, the series renewed for a second part in 2019.

Playing with Fire – One from TV shows like Gypsy

Playing with Fire, A seductive and intoxicating series is an American drama TV show. Certainly, it follows the 2014 Brazilian mini-series written by George Moura, Amores Roubados. This plot brings you the interconnected story of three rich women Martina, Camilla, and Martina’s daughter Andrea. However, they come for the handsome Fabrizio, who is in the Coffee Triangle of Colombia. And the results of this seductive relationship brings excellent disturbance in their lives.

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How to Get Away with Murder

With Binge over six seasons, Peter Nowalk’s award-winning show presents a strong narrative of breathtaking murder cases. The storyline follows the life of a law professor and her aspiring students’ involvement in a real-life killing.

Dirty John – One from TV shows like Gypsy

Alexandra Cunningham’s true-crime treasury series, Dirty John, will engage you from starting to conclusion. Established in Southern California, the series searches the theme of love. The series is horrifying and terrifying as it searches the differences of a sinister relationship. It gives you a good look at two fronts of every tale to remind spectators that things are not always what they look like.

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Dark Desire

Dark Desire, a Mexican thriller series, is an erotic series with additional depth of several complex themes. This Spanish language follows the plot of Netflix’s original series Alma Solares. While she is married, she spends a lucky weekend away from home, which, even if igniting passion, plunges into tragedy. It takes him to question everything about his life.

Ingobernable – One from TV shows like Gypsy

Ingobernable, a Mexican political drama web video series, is a heavy Cliffhanagar series that will put you in completely entertained. It is a fictional story about the First Lady of Mexico who goes on a journey to find the fact amidst political turmoil.

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An American thriller running television mini-series, What/If this is an exclusive, binge-worthy series. Renée Zelwegger acting as Annie Montgomery, who makes an offer to the young Lisa. Lisa is a scientist who is in dire need of capitals for her med-tech startup. A steamy tale with a generous dollop of breathtaking scenes, What/If should be on everyone’s watch list who love watching show like gypsy.

The Club – One from TV shows like Gypsy

The movie is created in direction of Camilla Ibara, The Club is a Mexican crime drama TV show. It centres a band of misfit children belonging to aristocratic families in Mexico. Now they come down to sell MDMA, which gets them into a problem with other narcos, the law and their relationships.

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Presented by Veronica Fernández, Hache is a Spanish crime drama web TV Show. The Show will take you to Barcelona in the 1960s. Assuredly, Adriana Ugarte stars as the prostitute Helena, who makes her way into the heart of a heroin cartel leader. And she does not stop at this to come to power.


A nicely crafted series, Perfume is a German television series created for ZDFneo. A woman is discovered dead with odour glands discarded from her body. In addition, it leads agents on a journey to search for this psychopathic killer.

In conclusion,  all of these shows are engaging and interesting, combining many themes in their complex storyline. Above all, you are looking for series like gypsy, then this list of series is made for you and will definitely keep you entertained well.

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