Top 10 K-Dramas which are the same as Crash Landing on You

Top 10 K-Dramas which are the same as Crash Landing on You
Top 10 K-Dramas which are the same as Crash Landing on You

Top 10 K-Dramas like Crash Landing on you. Television premier K-Drama has become the most famous show among all and is very much loved by fans. There is a K-Drama named Crash Landing on You is a different story releasing on South Korea’s tvN network and Netflix. The show Crash landing on you is a comedy romantic drama which goes on until a paragliding accident occurs. During this accident, an heiress from south Korea comes to North Korea. Fortunately, he met an army officer who decides to help her. K- drama mostly represents high romance with a spice of drama.  Here many other K Drama with the same aroma is suggested for those who are the biggest fan of Crash Landing on You.

Below is the list of the most popular and similar Kdrama is shortlisted.

  1. One Spring Night
  2. Something in the Rain
  3. Memories of Alhambra
  4. Was it Love?
  5. Romance is a Bonus Book
  6. My First First Love
  7. The Light in Your Eyes
  8. Love Alarm
  9. Tempted
  10. Mr. Sunshine

One Spring Night

The story of this drama revolves around a librarian Lee Jeong-In. Also, Lee Jeong-In is in a relationship with Kwon Gi-Seok for 4-years. Kwon Gi-Seok is a banker. There is another character Yu Ji-ho who is a single father and is a pharmacist. But when Lee Jeong-In met Ji-ho meet in the pharmacy, they both fall in love with a new phenomenon.

Something in Rain

Something in the rain is a k-drama which focuses on the supervisor of a coffee shop, Yoon Jin-ah who is having a very bad relationship history. As the story goes on she reunites with her childhood friend Seo Joon-hee and starts loving him.

Memories of Alhambra

The story of this drama is about a CEO and hotel manager Yoo Jin-woo who was highly affectionate of videogames. Yoo Jin-woo in the story entangled with lots of mysterious incidents. He travels to Spain to meet an AR program. Although, He tackles with her sister Jung Hee-Joo. After their meeting, both of them get intricate in a case that ultimately lay them towards stability issues.


Was it Love? – Top 10 K-Dramas like Crash Landing on you

Was it love is a romantic drama with lots of tragedy in which the story moves around a 14 years single mother. She got confused between a young attractive and bad person with a scary glimpse.

Romance is a Bonus Book

This drama is all about two main casts who are childhood buddies Kang Dani and Cha Eun-ho. As the story goes on Cha Eun-ho becomes a senior editor and successful author of a big publishing company. Also, Kang Dani marries the wrong man and become a single mother. Due to this, she works harder but is having no working experience. She has been offered a position in the publishing company by his childhood friend as Eun-ho looks towards her struggles. And from this onward love between these two begins.

My First First Love

As the drama name suggests the story is all about the conception of the first love of the five young characters. Yun Tae-o is a college student and a friend of those characters returns to his house because of their problems.

The Light in Your Eyes

Kim Hye Ja is the main character in this series. This young woman dreams to become a reporter. As the story continues, one day she wakes up as a 70 years old woman because she has the power of controlling time.

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Love Alarm

Kim Jo-jo is the main character of the k-drama Love Alarm. Although the story represents an app that is able to tell that is there someone in 10 meters range who is in love with anyone.

Tempted – Top 10 K-Dramas like Crash Landing on you

The story of this romantic drama is about a young man and woman having feelings for one another. These feelings got increased while playing dangerous love games.

Mr. Sunshine

The story line of the serial Mr. sunshine moves around a main character eugene choi. She was born in a slavery period in joseon. As the story goes on he goes to US. during this time, he fell in love with Goes Ae-shin who is a aristocrat’s grand-daughter.

This list of most popular korean dramas will help you find your favorite one. So find your tub of popcorn and start enjoying.

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