To The Lake Season 2 Coming to Netflix?

To The Lake Season 2 Coming to Netflix?
To The Lake Season 2 Coming to Netflix?

To The Lake Season 2 Coming to Netflix? To the Lake is a Russian TV drama series, and its Russian interpretation is pandemic. The show is about a world troubled by a plague hit. Amidst all this, a group of people are trying to survive. Eight episodes of season one aired from November 2019 to January 2020.

After which the show became popular and was licensed to become a Netflix original. It was only in October that spectators from all over the world could watch the TV show. Here are the recent updates to the Lake Season 2 about the status of renewal, release date, story and more.

To The Lake Season 2 returning on Netflix?

According to fresh news from Russia’s Tri-Color TVMag, it states that the show is going to continue for a second season. The scripts of the following season are now in place. But sadly, due to the coronavirus epidemic, filming and production are still on pause. Nevertheless, the show will return with a second season.

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Premiere on Netflix – To The Lake Season 2

The first season, after broadcasting in Russia, was available on Netflix about eight months later. Filming of the second season will not begin before 2021 due to the growing number of COVID cases.

With all of this in mind, one can pretend that the show will be open on Netflix, not before 2022. This is because Netflix will have to dub the series in English and also work on providing appropriate subtitles to fans who don’t know the original language.

However, no definite statement has been made about the release date of the second season of Netflix to Two Lake.

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What is this all about To The Lake Season 2?

The background of the TV show is in Moscow, where the virus is ever-growing. The entire city is full of dead bodies and there is no value for anything like electricity, food, water, or money. Some people are not influenced by the virus and are striving to survive at their best.

The story is of Sergei living on the outskirts of Moscow with his wife and son. After hearing the news of the plague, he goes inside the city to rescue his ex-wife and another son who disappoints him. As the three try to escape, they arrive at a lonely island with a hunting lodge.

Due to its high relativity at the present time, people relate to the story of Two Lake. It is a relationship drama with Pavel Kostomarov as the director.

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The show is the place for some famous Russian actors such as:

  • Viktoriya Agalakova
  • Kirill Karo
  • Aleksandr Robak
  • Maryana Spivak
  • Yuriy Kuznetsov
  • Viktoriya Isakova
  • Gilli Messer
  • Kit Sheehan
  • and Natalya Zemtsova.

To The Lake Season 2 is an adaptation of Vongozero, one of Yana Wagner’s best books. It has been further interpreted into eleven languages. The show is receiving positive reviews due to its thrilling plot and superb acting. Yana Wagner is co-writing with Roman Kantor, and is truly becoming a masterpiece.

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