The Maker of Haunting of Hill House planning to make a movie set on Mars


Mike Flanagan, director of the successful Netflix show The Haunting of Hill House and The Haunting of Bly Manor, has a latest horror project which is under making, Deadline reports. It is based on space.


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Flanagan will make a pliant of the science fiction horror novel, The Season of Passage by Christopher Pike. While features regarding the movie are being remained under swaddles, the book observes celebrity Dr. Lauren Wagner who was tangled in a manned journey to Mars. Nevertheless, while the world adores and respects her, she’s possessed by the mystery of the missing group who went right in front of her – did they die, or did they meet another destination?


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Flanagan is right now adjusting next Pike’s novels for Netflix – The Midnight Club, which is in filming right now, will be a TV show based on the book of the name which is the same. It follows a group of badly ill teenagers who get together each night to present each other scary stories. The movie team includes A Nightmare on Elm Street’s Heather Langenkamp.




Netflix’s nominated king of horror has surely been busy – in December 2020, the writer-director swaddled production on some other series for the people streaming, Midnight Mass, about a remote island town that starts to feel strange events after the coming of a mysterious priest.


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Even after much of his latest work has been on the small screen, Flanagan’s big-screen movie directing acknowledgment consists of Doctor Sleep, the continuation to The Shining, and Gerald’s Game, an emotional horror that’s also about the Stephen King novel.


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