Talentless Nana Episode 11 Release Date

Talentless Nana Episode 11 Release Date
Talentless Nana Episode 11 Release Date

Talentless Nana Episode 11 is the forthcoming chapter of Japanese anime series. This TV Series is based on psychological thriller and suspense. If your interest is also one among those than this will be a great choice for you. The Series was penned by Fumihiko Shimo and created in direction of Shinji Ishihara. It was created by taking a manga of the same name scripted by Looseboy.

Talentless Nana Episode 11 Release Date

The Episode 11 release date is confirmed and set for 13th December 2020. Before this, episode 10 named “The Invisible Blade” is already released on 6th December 2020. You can enjoy it on Funimation.

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The Storyline of the series is based in the near future in which enemies of humanity “mysterious monsters” have started to appear. To battle with these monsters, a team of children with mysterious powers are trained for the forthcoming battle, children are called “talented”.

In the series, all the children are sent to a deserted island, there is a school to train these “talented”. There all student receives full facilities and all requirement till they graduate. But there is a strict rule that is communication with the outside world is strictly prohibited.

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Between all these talented students, one student named Nana Hiiragi is famous for making friends quickly. This girl has a bubbly and cheerful character that enables her to gain many friends in her class. But truth is, she is a talentless government killer who has been appointed there in school to kill the talented whom the administration believes are the real criminals of humankind.

Nana is actually an anti-heroine of this story who have the talent of reading mind. She is an amazingly proficient and talented girl with many skills in general that help her to keep her facade.

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Talentless Nana Episode 11 Recap

In the last chapter 9, Kyoyo thinks that Nana does not have Kirara’s cell phone. She disposed of it as it was proof that could prove her guilty. She later meets a former understudy, Jin Tachibana who unveils to her that he has the skill to change his look.

He became Michiru by changing his face by playing a trick. Nana seems to have injured him prior to any knowledge that Jin can duplicate another person’s persona as well as capability. Now fans are waiting to enjoy the further story in episode 10.

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  • Nana Hiiragi voiced by Rumi Okubo
  • Nanao Nakajima voiced by Hiro Shimono
  • Kyoya Onodera voiced by Yuichi Nakamura
  • Michiru Inukai voiced by Mai Nakahara

So all these voice artists are doing the voice over in the anime series.

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Talentless Nana Episode 11

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