Subnautica developers utilize PS5 SSD technology to decrease file size to 70%


Subnautica will take very smaller hard drive memory on PS5 balanced to PS4 appreciation to the new generation console’s lightning-quick SSD.


While Twisted Voxel announces, the latest upgrade lessens Subnautica’s file memory size on PS5 by 14GB to just only 3.5GB, a 70% decrement from the PS4 memory. This is viable because of the contraction technology provided by the PS5 SSD’s new data-streaming capability, which devs Unknown Worlds has used to build Subnautica a very low bulky game to have kept in your PS5’s games list.


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Sony has bragged regarding the PS5 SSD’s capability to decrease file sizes in the before times, yet this is between the top real-world exemplars we have seen so far. Stated the restricted storage volume of the PS5’s SSD, this can be the game-changer if devs start assembling use of the tech altogether, yet we can say that this is admitting that we are not a game developer and we do not understand the specifications of this technology.


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Right after the original release out of Early Access in 2018, Subnautica built its new generation launch on PS5 and Xbox Series X this month with the launch of its same series, Subnautica: Below Zero. The PS5/Xbox Series X genre of Subnautica consists of a 60FPS performance mode as another to the 4K constancy mode.


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