Sequel for Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel

Reportedly Marvels Studios is planning a sequel to the Captain Marvel movie. Brie Larson played the role of Carol Denvers aka Captain Marvel in the movie which released in 2019.

Brie also came back as Captain Marvel in Avengers: Endgame. Captain Marvel was received very well by the audience & it grossed $1.1 billion worldwide. Hollywood Reporter mentions that the second movie in the Captain Marvel series is stated to release in the year 2022.

It is stated that the studio is planning the sequel because of the amazing response which the first movie received. Another reason could be Brie’s performance in Endgame. 

Let’s find out more details of the spinoff, being called as Captain Marvel 2.

What fans are very curious to know is the setup of the story to the new Captain Marvel movie, whether it will be before or after the Endgame. Well, that hasn’t been decided yet by the makers. 

It is being reported that Brie Larson is very excited to come back as Captain Marvel. Kevin Feige, the producer in the first movie had said in 2019 that he had plans to introduce Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel in the sequel. Feige also hinted at the possibility of the second movie being set up at a time somewhere between the first Captain Marvel movie & Avengers: Endgame. Feige gave his confirmation of the second movie in the San Diego Comic Con in 2019. 

Cast in the movie

Obviously, Brie Larson would be coming back as Captain Marvel. But there is a possibility that she will be joined by a completely different cast. But nothing has been decided yet. There is a possibility that Fleck & Boden who were directors in the first movie, might not return for the second movie. 

We will keep you updated with further developments. Stay tuned with us!


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