Rent A Girlfriend 4 releasing on 8 December 2020

Rent A Girlfriend 4 releasing on 8 December 2020
Rent A Girlfriend 4 releasing on 8 December 2020

Firstly, it is a Japanese manga series named Rent-A-Girlfriend, written and painted by Reiji Miyajima. The story centres Kazuya, who is depressed due to heartbreak. He rented a girlfriend to feel much better. Rent A Girlfriend 4 is coming soon with an exciting storyline.

This story was then created in the form of an anime series. Since this popular anime series ended fans are eagerly waiting to know about the next journey of Kazuya. The third season was very well written and grasped the attention of a huge audience. The season ended with a cliffhanger, all the fans are curious to know about next series. All this really helped manga, gain a lot of attention. You know that the fan following grew in such a manner that it became one of the bestselling Mangas.

Many devotees have certified the manga to be the excellent (than Anime) version of the story.

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Rent A Girlfriend 4: Storyline

In the 3rd Chapter of Rent A Girlfriend, we saw that the character Chizuru fell into the sea. So Kazuya jumped into the sea to rescue her. He carried her to coast but lost consciousness. Chizuru performed CPR to save his life.

Kazuya strives with his maturing love relationship with Chizuru. Also, Mami is jealous of their love relationship and is determined to break them up.

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The 4th Chapter will feature Mami attempting to break up the relationship between lovers. But it is assured that they will also enough strong in terms of love. Chizuru and Kazuya have a bond powerful enough to resist Mami’s attempts. We might also expect Kazuya’s confession to Chizuru in the upcoming story.

Rent A Girlfriend 4: Release Date

Fans are overjoyed for the release of its 4th season. Kodansha Comics has authoritatively declared that the manga will be aired on the 8th of December 2020. You can watch it there.

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The summary of season 4, according to a statement by Kodansha Comics is as follows:

“After an intense trip to the hot springs with his rental girlfriend, things are complicated enough for the still hapless and deeply confused Kazuya, as he finally manages to take some space from Chizuru long enough to get his thoughts together. But a mysterious new figure enters the picture, who seems to know quite a lot about his “romantic” life…”

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The Trailer

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