Reason Behind Krypton Season 3 Cancelation

Reason Behind Krypton Season 3 Cancelation
Reason Behind Krypton Season 3 Cancelation

The DC universe is widespread with many superheroes with beautiful legends. Most of the films, web series and stories do not finish the story properly. Now, the stories end with the suspense and confusion. Krypton is the name of a planet with lots of stories written on it. It is Superman’s Home. Let’s Discuss all the latest updates & Reason Behind Krypton Season 3 Cancelation.

What is the Reason Behind Krypton Season 3 Cancelation

The Krypton show has 2 seasons with ten episodes each. All the seasons are developed under the guidance of David S. Goyer. He is the creator of Krypton. There are some other producers also, Damian Kindler and Cameron Welsh. The series has action, drama, science fiction and different superheroes.

When Krypton will come back with the third season?

Syfy is not continuing Krypton with the third season. After the first two seasons, Syfy pulled his support from this show. Now, Krypton will not come back again with its third season.

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What is the Reason Behind Krypton Season 3 Cancelation?

One of the important reasons for not giving the green light to the third season of Krypton was the decrease in viewership. The show was also experiencing a decline in its popularity, and the makers didn’t think it a good option to move forward with the third season.

After the first season viewership declined drastically, which was a bad sign for the show makers. Krypton’s Season 2 also failed to match the reviews of the first season due to lack of viewers. However, some experts say that its second show was far better than the first one. But the popularity of season two deteriorated too much that Syfy chose to walk away.

So there are some reasons behind Krypton Season 3 Cancelation.

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No support from Audience

The main obstacle for Krypton is its characters are set too far, having an air of unfamiliarity in the past. Krypton is actually a home planet of Clark Kent, better known as Superman. But the show is wandering around the story of superman’s father who is not yet born, and in fact, his dad is still a child on the story. There is no information about the original superman in the story.

There were too many viewers who stopped watching the show due to unfamiliarity of the characters. Also, viewers did not find the plot, very entertaining. The only known characters were Brainiac, General Zod, and Adam Strange, who are popular time travellers.


Reason Behind Krypton Season 3 Cancelation
Reason Behind Krypton Season 3 Cancelation

Krypton was created to give an idea about the origins of Superman. The series actually does not have superheroes. It begins with the story of their superheroes ancestors. The story starts 2 hundred years before the era of real Superman.

The show starts featuring Seg-El at the beginning, who is Superman’s grandpa. In the Show, El’s house is facing humiliation and shame. Superman’s grandpa will have to fight for the honour of his family and to save his loved ones from all the trouble that lies ahead. He must find a way to increase their respect in society again.

We know you are sad, because who are reading this article, are Krypton lovers. It is really sad news. But DC is still travelling its universe, and different characters will get the limelight soon along with exciting storylines.

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