Psychonauts 2 Gameplay, Characters & All Updates

Psychonauts 2 Gameplay, Characters & All Updates

Psychonauts was first released on April 19, 2005. The video game was developed by Xbox Game studios. Double Fine also has some contribution in the game development. Its first part was loved by everyone. And was popular too. That’s the reason that the makers decided to come back with a new sequel. Ultimately, there is good news about Psychonauts 2. We will discuss Psychonauts 2 Gameplay, Characters & All Updates. Because, here is everything players need to know regarding the second sequel game of Psychonauts.

How Fig platform is related to Psychonauts?

Actually, the makers of the game were suffering from some financial crisis. That is the reason, the development of Psychonauts 2 was extremely slow. They needed any funding to continue with the project. Excited fans who have earlier enjoyed the Psychonauts 1 came forward to support. Instead of generating regular crowdfunding, Fig was the platform created to produce funds. In total, Fig gathered an amount of 4 million dollars by 2016, supporting the creators to develop the game at its best.

Psychonauts 2 Release Date

In 2015, During the Game Awards, everyone got to know of the second sequel of Psychonauts. The developers also declared that the video game would suffer from a small delay due to the shortage of funds. Once the funds were collected, they will bring out the best in the game. No additional delays were going to happen.

Due to the current pandemic in the world, Xbox declares that they are facing some difficulty in producing first-party games. Considerations suggest that Psychonauts 2 will release soon by 2020. But, on the other hand, the lack of additional updates indicates that it will not release before 2021.

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The sequel of the game is going to involve all the characters from the original game. These are:

  • Razputin Aquato
  • Milla Vodello
  • Dogen Boole
  • Sasha Nein
  • Lili Zanotto
  • Dr. Loboto

The Characters stated above are part of the game’s primary characters.

Psychonauts 2 Gameplay

Psychonauts 2 is continuing to pick up from where the original game left. The story is going to follow Razputin Aquato. He is a part of a psychic espionage organization. This group names themselves “The Psychonauts.”

It is a third-person game, and the gamers will play in the role of Razputin. This character uses his supernatural powers. He can scan someone’s mind. Psi Powers such as:

  • levitation
  • Pyrokinesis
  • telekinesis
  • jumping

are the resources a player can use.

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The end of the original game saw Razputin Aquato on a rescue mission. He tries to rescue Truman Zanoto, the head of his organization. He is helping two characters named Milla Vodello and Sasha Neine. Without a leader, the organization does not stand for peace. But its focus shifted to necromancy. The story of the next game will continue from there.

According to the latest news, Psychonauts 2 will have an odd sense of humour, different characters, and rich visuals. The nature of Razputin Aquato will play a leading role in the game’s story.

Fans are excited by the news from Psychonauts 2. The first game received good reviews. On the other hand, the inventors are also trying their best in development to match the expectations of fans.

Stay connected for more updates, Feel free to share your reviews about the game. Happy gaming!

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