News Updates Lucifer Within Us Gameplay

Lucifer Within Us Gameplay

One of the latest games from Kitfox Games is “Lucifer Within Us”. A well planned and logical game for teens. Don’t worry, you can also play this game. Everyone who loves playing mysterious games can play this game. But a mystery puzzle game is mostly liked by teens. A Player with Critical thinking & Problem-solving skills will enjoy this new game, developed by Kitfox. Get ready to use your brain to solve mysteries. Additionally, the player has to focus on timelines and find the criminal. Let’s get into more details about Lucifer Within Us Gameplay. We will include its launch date, storyline, and gameplay in this discussion.

Latest News Updates Lucifer Within Us Gameplay

Launch Date

As an official developer, Kitfox Games published “Lucifer Within Us” on 15 October 2020. And is currently available for a demo.

Its storyline & Lucifer Within Us Gameplay

You will find a mix of digital and spiritual taste together in this game. This game is based on a theme that tells us how to defeat Demons instead of humans. Have you heard of the popular horror science fiction movies? Like Blade Runner, Matrix, and Black Mirror. You will find many things & interfaces related to these movies, during the gameplay. The player in the digital world is in the shoe of a digital magus. They will have to exorcize technology that could scan people’s souls. The player must overcome the demonic AI and uncover the false truth of the digital world.

Interview with Kim – Creative Director

During an interview, Game’s Creative Director – Jongwoo Kim told very much interesting information about the game. In an interview with Jongwoo Kim (creative director), he told many things about the game. Kim said that the game based on futuristic theocracy where the digital means spiritual. He said that the gameplay describes a situation full of confusion where ancient culture can use the latest world technology and information. Here a Religious scripture includes details about the existence of the digital universe.

Aether – The Main Character/Organisation of the game

The game has many entities, Aether is one of those entities. Aether is playing the main role in the game who is running and controlling the entire world. Kim just hinted about this character in his interview. Aether is actually an old advanced organization that is running the entire world, it is also possible, Kim hinted.

It is hard to understand what is computerized and what is natural because of cultural reliance on the Aether, who is an old advanced organization that formed before the Church. Everyone has given computerized inserts to intellectually interface with Aether, allowing them to have instant correspondence, immense information base, and gadgets associated with Aether with machine-like capabilities ”.

When asked about the player’s exorcism and exorcist role, Kim described the player as a white hat hacker. Everyone knows a white hat hacker breaks into secure and protected systems/channels to check and improve security levels. They do this to prevent & protect our systems from being hacked by malicious hackers.

Your Role in Lucifer Within Us

A white-hat hacker does exactly what the player has to do in this game. White hat hackers in the real world and that players in the digital world are almost playing the same roles.  A white cap programmer who fights against virus attacks called demons, according to the game. However, Player’s analytical techniques & methods of reasoning that match traditional ghost exterminators, who attempt to scan the brain and excite the suspect to get the evil spirit out of the suspect’s body.” Kim said. “Game is almost like identifying and punishing an impure soul, but quite differently”.

Be sure to watch the game and its trailer. Currently, the game is available all over the world. Everyone has the chance to play Lucifer Within Us – a demo version. Also, stay connected, we will keep sharing all the trending and exciting news from the entertainment industry.


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