My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 8 Episode 5 All Details

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 8 Episode 5
My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 8 Episode 5

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 8 Episode 5 Details… It is an American reality TV series (My Big Fat Fabulous Life). It chronicles the story of Whitney Way Thore. She weighs around 170 kg. All this is due to polycystic ovary syndrome. Happened at the beginning of this series. She becomes famous at her previous radio station’s show came up with a plan to publish her ” fat girl dancing” video on YouTube which earned more than 8 million views. My Big Fat Fabulous Life premiered in 2015 on TLC and has 8 seasons up to date.

Release Date | My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 8 Episode 5

My Big Fat Fabulous Life season 8 episode 5 will be delivered to your home on December 8 on TLC. You can enjoy it on:

  • Youtube TV
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Hulu

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The Storyline

In the 4th chapter of the TV Series, we see Whitney is isolated and stuck at the house all because of coronavirus. While she tries to drive her ongoing issues with Chase concerning their living circumstances, she is concerned if it will threaten to rip them alone for good.

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She remains at home with her mother while her daddy is an essential worker. So her father has to go out. This all makes her tense regarding her father’s health. To defeat silence and boredom, Whitney purchases an animal (dog) even though she previously has two cats. She is still sad with Chase and about missing her ring. Some of her mates inform her regarding the virus inflaming people with more weight. This worries her as she cannot go to the gym for doing the workout. While on the other side there is no machine at home for the perfect workout.

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Then she chooses to make youtube videos of her house workout sessions. She reflects her situation Chase with Ryan, who suggests her to go to Wilmington. Since he doesn’t have anybody there, it would be suited to have some fellowship, but she refuses it.

Now, the 5th episode with the title ‘My Big Fat Broken Heart’ is coming soon. After periods of isolation and striving with panic attacks, Whitney is still rolling after learning that Chase is having a kid with another lady. She turns to Buddy for convenience.

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The Actors

The cast includes:

  • Whitney Thore
  • Barbara Thore
  • Glenn Thore
  • Hunter Thore
  • Todd Beasley
  • Buddy Bell
  • Tal Fish
  • Chase Severino
  • Ryan Andreas

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The Trailer

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