Monster Hunter Rise Gameplay | Latest Update & Release Date

Monster Hunter Rise Gameplay
Monster Hunter Rise Gameplay

Let’s talk about this game’s gameplay haha sounds funny. We will also discuss about Monster Hunter Rise Release date and every update. You will love to know about this forthcoming action and adventure Role-playing video game, it is the next version of the Monster Hunter series. The game is the newest version of Monster Hunter: World, which Nintendo announced in this year, in Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase. There were several surprising announcements too. Here we will reveal everything about the upcoming Monster Hunter Rise game, including its release date, gameplay, and other exciting information. Let’s Dive into details of Monster Hunter Rise Gameplay, Latest Update & Release Date.

Expected launch

We got an information, that says, Nintendo will launch the game on 26 March 2021. In an announcement, on September 17 2020, Nintendo said that the successor to the Monster Hunter: World will be out in March 2021. Capcom is the name behind the development of Monster Hunter Rise. The game will be available on Nintendo Switch.

The date; launch date is not exact or sure. Because of covid-19, the date may vary according to circumstances of that time. Nintendo announced the date with a Covid-19 disclaimer, which says, “Launch dates and other details presented in the video are subject to change.” This clearly means that the organisation could hold the launch according to the COVID 19 situations of that time. This also means that some pre-order bonuses will also be unavailable during launch. One more thing, this new game will also provide a dedicated Amiibo, which will unlock a cosmetic armour when scanned.

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Monster Hunter Rise Official Trailer

Monster Hunter Rise Gameplay

The official trailer for Monster Hunter Rise was released on September 17, 2020.  Nintendo launched official trailer at the Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase. By watching, you can get an insight into the game’s amazing graphics on various maps and levels. It also displays a clip of the story, the armour and the equipment of the game.

In addition, gamers also get a view at the game’s monsters with their names. The names are-

  • a crane looking Aknosom
  • a hippo-turtle hybrid Tetranadon
  • a pack of tailed Izuchi
  • their leader the Great Izuchi
  • and the big baddie calamitic monster Magnamolo

The trailer ends with classic shots of the story and action sequences of Monster Hunter Rise.

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Storyline & Gameplay

The game follows a crowd of monster hunters. Players have to hunt or trap large monsters to make existence in the game. Players have to use various:

  • equipment
  • weaponry
  • and other environmental features

that damage and kill the monster and all of them survive the same. After destroying the monster, the hunter receives various loot including monster parts from the dead monster.

These Monster parts can be used to create powerful armour and weapons to defeat next level powerful monsters. The game highlights the return of several monsters from old franchises and additionally brings amazing new monsters to hunt. You can enjoy both multiplayer and single-player modes of the game. Players can include more hunters in the game. And can make a team of players, up to four in online mode.

Be sure to enjoy the game on its launch. Players can now pre-order the game and enjoy pre-order bonuses. Players will get the bonuses at the time of game’s launch. Also, stay connected with us to stay updated with all the new and latest gaming news. Enjoy Gaming!

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