Manifest Season 3 All Updates

Manifest Season 3 All Updates

The Manifest is one of NBC’s most encouraging suspense TV series this year. Directed by Jeff Rakes, the series first appeared in 2018. The entertaining plot and appreciable camera work were quick to earn their acclaim from fans. The series starts with the passenger flight after half a decade. Let’s Reasd more about Manifest Season 3 All Updates

In the first two seasons, the show was rocking in the market with its huge success. The show has received a lot of praise from critics for its style. Fans were now expecting news about the series’ comeback. And after the success of season two, its fan following has touched new records.

When is it airing?

The 2nd part of the series was released in January this year. It was a smash hit, with fans claiming that this latest season is a lot better than the previous one. The manifest also registered a score of 7.7 million views per chapter.

These reasons were enough for NBC to renew the series. The announcement was already made in June, with the show expected to be released in 2021. There is some signal that we are receiving, indicating that filming has begun. While the release date for the upcoming chapter is not out yet. But of course, it’s not going to be very long.

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Manifest Season 3 Cast

The show has set a brilliant cast. So they had no reason to make any serious changes to it. So, it is very clear that NBC is coming with the same cast, in this season too. Popular faces Melissa Roxburgh and Josh Dallas will reappear in Manifest season 3.
The lead roles are going to be joined by
  • Athena Karkinis
  • JR Ramirez
  • Luna Blaze
Jack Messina will also return as Cal Stone. This time the artists will be joined by Holly Taylor. The Canadian star will play the role of Angelina in the manifest season 3.


Last season many big plots were filled with twists. One of which was the discovery of tailfin flight 828. The first focus of Ben and Sanvi will be to collect more data about this revelation. Also, expect a significant time jump when the series resumes. The events are expected to begin after a three-month hiatus.

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In Addition, Saanvi is going to have another big reason to be worried about it. Following her murder of the Major, she is bound to tackle a horrid time. First, there is the inquiry of hiding the murder. For sure she will need help . Second, who will lend her a hand? Third, will that be the last of the incident? Maninifest Season 3 will have to give answers to a lot of questions like this.

Manifest Season 3 Trailer

Sorry, guys but you have to wait for its trailer release. Be patient. The show has just started filming, and it will consume some time before the trailer land.

The upcoming season 3 of Manifest will have to give a lot of answers. Its Last season ended with some cliffhangers. Now, Season three have to explore those. So, for sure, it won’t be short of entertaining moments. Hopefully, it trailer will land soon. Enjoy Wtaching, and stay connected to get Manifest Season 3 All Updates, in future.

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