Love Is Blind Season 2 Cast, Release Date, All update

Love Is Blind Season 2
Love Is Blind Season 2

The new age dating show coming on Netflix, Love is Blind, was so special that it is now coming back with a season 2. The show has a unique approach to dating in relation to changing times. Here is all the recent news you need to know about the Love is blind Season 2.


This new Netflix film is a different step in the idea of ​​dating. Two people who can be a possible match are placed in a pod, which is a small room that is divided from the wall. The only way to communicate between these two characters is to talk to each other.

As the name suggests, they will not be equipped to see how they look and judge according to there likes and dislikes. The only way for these two personalities to get to know each other is by communicating, be vocal for everything. In fact, the connection they make is going to be a lot more unique and personal. Love Blind quickly became a favourite binge-worthy TV show as people embraced the concept of dating without identifying anyone with their look.

The first season became so popular that Netflix renewed it for a second. There is not much knowledge about the flow of the new season, but it is continuing to continue with a similar format.

Coronavirus Hindrance

Production had to be stopped due to virus outbreaks. Even with the show is gaining popularity, it could not be compromised by everyone’s health. But in the end, it looks like the show will continue on screen very soon.

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Release Date

After growing popularity and acceptance, Netflix declared about season 2 of love is blind in March 2020. However, there is no news concerning the official release date. But speculation hints that it is likely to return in 2021.

The first part was set in Atlanta, but the second season is reported to be set in Chicago.

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Who is going to host Love is Blind Season 2?

Last season’s horse is about to return to the screen, Vanessa and her husband, Nick Lachey. In addition, some people are also assuming Cameron Hamilton and his wife Lawrence to act as co-hosts.

The unique thought of love is blind is the idea behind its popularity. The fan base is already growing regularly, and the second season will be better than the first. But until the Makers release an official statement about season 2, not much can be stated.

Something Extra for you

The casting call is still on but the show will feature six boys and six girls who could be a potential couple. Couples undergo tasks and answer challenging questions.

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Six pairs from the first season were

  • Carlton and Diamond
  • Giannina and Damian
  • Jessica and Mark
  • Lauren and Cameron
  • and Kelly and Kenny.

Fans are eagerly waiting for Love is Blind season 2. The show is a perfect package with dating, drama, love and relationships. In the meantime, you can enjoy Netflix and watch season one.

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