Supernatural Final Episode Coming to Netflix?

Supernatural Final Episode Coming to Netflix?
Is Supernatural Final Episode Coming to Netflix?

Is Supernatural Final Episode Coming to Netflix? It looks like always that the Supernatural has been on the air. The series made its debut in 2005 on The CW way back. Over the years, the brother-in-law duo of Sam and Dean Winchester have gained worldwide popularity. Every season with them is returning with new stories and lots of new supernatural beings.

The show is an example of the longest-running series ever. This is enough to prove the quality of the show, with each season scoring consistent viewing numbers to support the claim. However, in the middle of the 15th season, the show experienced a major obstacle. This has left fans worried about the schedule of the ongoing season.

Why is Supernatural Delayed?

The show premiered well on time. The 15th season was supposed to be 20 episodes long. With the final episode being two hours long. However, due to COVID-19, the production of the show has come to a close during the season.

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Andrew Debb shared, “We’ve filmed through episode 18; However, our visual effects and sound units have been shut down due to the outbreak. Therefore, the episode cannot be ended right now. The first 13 episodes broadcasted by March 2020, with the rest announced to be released later.

Final Episode of Supernatural Release on Netflix

Seems to be good news because the final seven episodes of the series are about to return this fall. Production was slightly disrupted due to the measures implemented due to the epidemic. However, filming continued in Vancouver this August, and the TV show was back on track.

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The show returns to The CW in early October. But Netflix subscribers will have to wait until November 19. The rest of the episodes will be thick and fast. And the last episode will premiere on November 27, 2020. It is going to be two hours long visual treat. The first hour dedicated to looking at the past of the show. It will be titled Supernatural: The Long Road Home.

Is Supernatural Final Episode Coming to Netflix?

For this longest-running TV show on The CW, this does not appear to be the end. The makers have expressed their desire to continue the journey many times. Jensen Ackles previously stated, “I’ve regularly thought it was like to be 5 years down the road, getting calls and saying, hey, let’s take a little short-order action for a streaming network and call it again for six episodes.”

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It is obvious that the show’s continuity on The CW is over. In case Ackles fulfils this wish, a possible target for the series could be HBO Max. The show is actual property of Warner Bros. So HBO Max seems to be a more commendable choice on CBS All Access.

The TV show has had a great and productive charm on television. It has earned fans universally and will seem to sign off with a bang. Fans will be waiting for what the season should be like. And the show will be expected to return once again. While season 15 is the conclusion of the supernatural path, so let’s wait for the last visual treat.

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