Is Memorist Season 2 Releasing or Not?

Is Memorist Season 2 Releasing or Not?
Is Memorist Season 2 Releasing or Not?

Memorist is a South Korean Drama Series of 2020, that is based on 2016 Webtoon. It made its debut in March 11 and ran till the 30th of April 2020, on tvN. This series was developed by Studio Dragon. The series is starring Yoo Seung-Ho and  Lee Se-Young who both are leading the show. From solving crimes to criminals leading us to more criminals, the show has not disappointed to give us shakings throughout. The story is based on an agent who has superhuman powers to see about people’s history by touching them and a very intelligent, genius profiler who could resolve 5 cold situations that the previous superhuman couldn’t. These highly skilled experts encounter a serial killer who exceeds their abilities combined. Here we have collected everything that you need to know for the chance of Memorist Season 2.

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Is Memorist Season 2 Happening?

We got some comments from the cast of the show about the drama, right after season 1 ended with its grand finale. They stated that Memorist season 1 is the last batch and there would be no sequel for the same. In an interview on 30th April, the cast revealed the information about the farewell of the show. Yoo Seung-Ho who played the superhuman detective in the show said,

“I really enjoyed my time as Dong Baek. It seems like yesterday that the first broadcast aired, but time has passed so quickly. I’ve been working without a break for five months, and I think I was able to finish a good drama with everyone’s efforts.”

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He then continued, “I do have regrets, but it’s my first time acting in such a genre, and it will last as a great memory for me. Thank you so much to everyone who has loved ‘Memorist’ and ‘Dong Baek.'”

This makes it definite that there are no such plans for continuation of season 2. But we do expect the future holds chances of that.

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Plot – Memorist Season 2?

Dong Baek is a proffesional detective with superhuman intelligence. He has ability to peer through memories of human, just by touching & making physical contact with, he is fervently admired worldwide as a superhuman detective. During a series of serial crimes taking place, Dong Baek teams up with another genius criminal profiler Han Sun-Mi. Especially, to stop prevent the accusation and any further cases. However, as the show further proceeds, both the high skill experts face a difficulty that would present their troubled past to the surface. Tracking a serial killer that exceeds their abilities combined, the deaths become far more complicated than they had foreseen.

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  • Yoo Seung-Ho as Dong Baek
  • Lee Se-Young as Han Sun-Mi
  • Jo Sung-Ha as Lee Shin-Woong

Trailer – Memorist Season 2

The Memorist Season two is not under development till now so that is why we are unable to share that information about the official trailer. You can watch Season 1 till then!

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