Is it the Aliens sending us the mysterious Radio Signals?


The planetary experts have once again discovered unexplained ‘fast radio bursts’ (FRBs) on earth in a 16-day cycle for a year.

This is the first time inter-galactic signs have been reported in a regular cycle. According to scientists, these radio bursts last for just for few milliseconds.

These fast radio bursts were first discovered 13 years ago. The data which has been formed from these FRBs is created by transforming these waves into a white hole and blasting, cosmic strings crashing. There is a possibility that these cosmic strings are messages from alien species.

Astrophysicist from Harvard-Smithsonian Centre, Avi Loeb says that they have not been able to recognise the natural source of the FRBs. However, he also mentioned that an artificial origin is worth contemplating and must be checked for the FRBs. 

Does that mean that these radio signals have been sent from some alien ship??

Let us tell you that some Planetary Experts from Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment (CHIME) in British Columbia, Canada have examined the knowledge received from the radio reflector. 

These experts have found the source to be within a medium-size spiral nebula of about 500 light-years away.

 Many specialists have speculated that the origin of these signals might be secured during a 16 day orbit nearby the sun. Many planetary experts also believe that the reason of these waves might be a star, but that wouldn’t have happened a regular 16 day cycle.


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