Hogwarts Legacy Updates for Harry Potter Fans

Hogwarts Legacy Updates for Harry Potter Fans
Hogwarts Legacy Updates for Harry Potter Fans

The exhibition of Play Station 5 was interesting, but the part that was even more breathtaking was the declaration of Hogwarts Legacy. Portkey Games and Avalanche Studios are the makers of Hogwarts Legacy. The game is set in the era of the late 1800s. The Story of the game will move according to Players. Players can decide the story by themselves. Here we will discuss all the recent Hogwarts Legacy Updates.

Details about Hogwarts Legacy game

The producers confirmed that there would be no connection between Harry Potter and the Hogwarts Legacy. And also confirmed that the new game is coming with a story of its own. The game will have an open world, players will play roles. In this game, performers can design their own characters. These characters will go on a magical journey, wandering the world of magic.

In the declaration, throughout the Play Station 5 showcase, the creators also showed fans a wallpaper. Hogwarts is in the centre stage of the wallpaper, but just to the right, anyone can see the infamous Whose Willow. This tree is one of the various secret items of Hogwarts.

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Story behind the whomping willow

This tree was first sown in the beginning of1971. It has a mysterious entrance from Hogwarts to a home outside Hogsmeade. This house is recognised as the shrieking shack. Where in a month, Remus Lupin converts himself into a werewolf. The tree was stringent towards everyone except Remus Lupin.

It is believed whomping willow was planted by Dumbledore to help Rempus in quick transformation into a werewolf. The shrieking shack is a deserted house that is the right place for Remus to change himself.

Severus suffers a severe death when he tries to follow Remus during the night of a transformation. James Potter saved his life, causing Sirius Black and Severus Snape to become mortal enemies.

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Is it possible that Harry Potter will have a different story in Hogwarts’ legacy?

The poster and whomping willow tree suggest that it may be likely to be related to the things in the Harry Potter series. But there is also the chance that this tree maybe someone else near Hogwarts Castle. It is also possible that the tree in the wallpaper is just an image. It just matches to the whomping willow, there is no connection to harry potter series.

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Makers have a grand chance to reveal a different story of Hogwarts and the Wizarding world. But, they have to keep it different from the Harry Potter series. If they are related in some way, then the problem of pre-existing stories and everything told in Harry Potter has its own drawbacks. Only time is going to tell what is on the minds of the creators of this game.

Hogwarts Legacy Release Date

There is no definite prediction, about the release date of the game. There is no further update because the Hogwarts legacy is in its early stages of development. And there are many things to still work upon.

It is known, that the Harry Potter franchise has a great fan base on a global level. The developers do not want to create anything that will disappoint devotees worldwide. They are working, with their best efforts. They are trying to connect the door as well as keep Hogwarts Legacy game unique in itself.

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