Gmail, YouTube Down Temporarily As Google Suffers Outage

Gmail, YouTube Down Temporarily As Google Suffers Outage
Gmail, YouTube Down Temporarily As Google Suffers Outage

Gmail, YouTube Down Temporarily As Google Suffers Outage… As you read in the headline, it is very uncommon to see digital giants suffering from any blackout. But a few minutes before this suddenly happened. Gmail, Youtube, and some other utilities of google were not accessible for a few minutes in all over the world.

Exactly at this time, a bunches of thousands of complaint popped up around 7 AM Eastern along the East Coast of the U.S.

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Gmail, YouTube Down Temporarily As Google Suffers Outage

“We’re aware of a problem with Gmail affecting a majority of users,”

From the side of google, a status update on the Google dashboard stated, followed by extra message that told service has been returned for some users.

“We expect a resolution for all users in the near future.”

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There were more similar replies for google’s other products and services like,

  • Docs
  • Hangouts
  • Chat

The organisation did not respond immediately to a demand for comment.

With this, a wide number of the population got affected. Google is now a brand, on that almost all or half of the world is dependent. So a small global outage can affect many lives and business. Google understands this, that’s why restored the services as early as possible.

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If talking specifically, Google users from the U.S., India, Europe and various parts of the world were temporarily incapable to access some essential services of google. These includes:

  • Gmail accounts
  • Watching YouTube videos
  • Checking online documents

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This all happened during an outage Monday.

Personal Views | Google Suffers Outage:

While this global outage, we were also unable to watch youtube videos, upload youtube videos, and were not even able to check analytics and manage dashboard.

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As Gmail is important for you, it is also valuable for us, we were also suffering from issues with Gmail. There were many conversations affected over the internet, due to Gmail outage.

Almost all person uses google documents, and businesses use a lot. That’s why you and TheGlobalWise were also not able to work on documents. Actually, all were not able to access our documents stored over google. In such cases, it is really good to have information about alternative search engines.

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We really want to know about your experiences during these global outage minutes. You can tell us about your problems to you faced at the time of the outage. Did you miss something important during this global outage? If yes, then you can share your problem below in the comment section of this post. Many other people like you, will also comment and we all will feel connected.

So, see you guys, we will get back to you soon with other updates. Till then, you can read other articles, reviews, news on The Global Wise. We regularly used to post, news, reviews about the worldwide issues, Movies, TV Shows, Games etc.

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