Doctors save James from lifetime paralysis condition

Doctors save James from lifetime paralysis condition
Doctors save James from lifetime paralysis condition

After excellent teamwork, Doctors save James from lifetime paralysis condition.

Doctors save James from lifetime paralysis condition

A toddler’s mother fears her life when her normal and healthy boy becomes unable to walk in the space of a week.

Previous year, four-year-old James was barely able to put one foot in front of the other.

His condition suddenly came and in around 7 days, he was incapable to walk. The Four-year-old James found himself powerless to walk inside a week.

His mother Li took him to the nearest Children’s Hospital in Westmead, where he underwent some tests and an MRI.

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Under the supervision of scientists and doctors at the Kids Neuroscience Center, Child was diagnosed with an uncommon type of brain and spinal infection.

But thanks to the ground teamwork of doctors, scientists, nurses, and physicians at The Children’s Hospital of Westmead. He is presently running faster than ever.

Actually, he was with a unique type of spinal and brain infection.

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“As part of our hospital, we have some research laboratories and scientists that have made some world discoveries finding the cause of spinal inflammation,” Professor Russel Dale’s statement, Clinical Director at Kid Neuroscience Centre. Professor’s experience saved the life of James from paralysis. James, thankfully, was healed.

After, diagnosis and treatment, James started walking within three days and started running after two days.

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But there are some medicines that James have to eat to manage his condition. Some precautions are also necessary. If James’s mother Li will take care of James for some days as prescribed by the doctors, James will be able to live and enjoy a healthy and active life.

Professor Dale also stated the facility to support James was an “incredibly rewarding experience” for him.

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