Diego Maradona dies at 60 | Argentine football legend

Diego Maradona dies at 60 | Argentine football legend
Diego Maradona dies at 60 | Argentine football legend

Argentine veteran Diego Maradona died at the age of 60. On Wednesday at his home on the outskirts of Buenos Aires after suffering a heart attack.

Diego Maradona’s longtime agent Matias Morla confirmed the news to Efe News Agency. Sebastian Sanchi, said he departed after a heart attack on Wednesday. This all happened after his discharge from a hospital in Buenos Aires following brain surgery.

Diego Maradona dies at 60 | Argentine football legend

Argentine President Alberto Fernandez also confirmed the three-day national mourning after the news. Fernandez hugged Diego Maradona, posting a picture of himself on Twitter that wrote: “You took us to the highest place in the world. You made us so happy. You were the greatest. Thanks to the current Diego. We’re going to miss Have been. You are the rest of our lives. ”

The Argentine government also confirmed that Maradona’s body will remain in the state at the Casa Rosada government headquarters for three days starting on Thursday. And that he will be given a state funeral.

Additionally, according to the Argentine Professional Soccer League, the current First Division tournament will have new name to honour Diego Maradona.

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One of the most famous moments in the history of the game, the “Hand of God” goal, when diminutive Diego Maradona punched the ball into England’s net during the 1986 World Cup quarter-finals.

In his two-decade career, Maradona wooed fans around the world with an appealing style of play.

In a brief statement given to Reuters by a representative, the retired Brazilian star mourned Diego Maradona’s death.

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Argentina and Barcelona star Lionel Messi were among hundreds of players to send messages with condolences to Diego Maradona as well as his family.


The NBA great, who spent seven years of his childhood in Italy, said, “I love Maradona. I used to always watch Madonna when I was little in Italy.”

Born in 1960, Diego Maradona gave Argentina the distinction of reaching the final of the World Cup 1986 as well as 1990. As he was also notable, after being ruled out of the 1994 World Cup after being convicted of doping.

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Napoli said the death on Wednesday was a “devastating blow” to both the city and the club. “We are in shock.”

According to club’s Twitter account, But the words for the pain can be as strong as what we are currently experiencing. Now time for tears. Is. Later, this word will be. ”

UEFA confirmed that a minute of silence would be maintained before all Champions League matches to be held on Wednesday and Europa League ties on Thursday.

Dodging and weaving with his low centre of gravity. He outpaced countless rivals and often scored with the disastrous left leg, his most powerful weapon.

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“Everything he was thinking in his mind, he did it with his feet,” said Salvatore Bagni, who played with Diego Maradona at the Italian club Napoli.

A ballooning waistline slowed Diego Maradona’s explosive pace later in his career and was intimidated by his first doping scandal until 1991 when he admitted the cocaine habit, which led him to retire in 1997 at the age of 37 Haunted.


In January 2019 he suffered from internal bleeding in the abdomen and admitted in hospital. In 2004, He underwent two gastric bypass operations to control his weight and received treatment for alcohol abuse.

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He was unlikely to return to the national team after being appointed coach of the Argentina team in 2008. But after being eliminated from the quarter-finals at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, he was ruled out – eventually the UAE club Another coaching job was taking up with Al. Wasl.

In retirement, Diego Maradona viewed Boca matches as a raucous man-man enthusiast section and participated in charity, sports and exhibition events around the world.

In 2000, after doctors said he had a brush with death. He was hospitalized with a heart at the Uruguayan resort of Punta del Este, with doctors saying it had less than half its capacity. Blood and urine samples replaced traces of cocaine.

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In 2005, he worked on a gastric bypass in Colombia. Shedding nearly 50 kilograms (over 100 pounds) before appearing as the host of a wildly popular Argentine TV talk show.

He joined a left-wing protest train outside the US summit in 2005. With Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez as the then-President George W. Bush stood up to deny his presence.

His outside position made it more surprising when he was selected as the coach of Argentina following the resignation of Alfio Basile.

According to Victor Hugo Morales, Argentina’s most popular football broadcaster, Diego Maradona would eventually be remembered for an exciting style that was never repeated.

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