Dash & Lily Season 1 Cast, Trailer & More

Dash & Lily Season 1 Cast, Trailer & More
Dash & Lily Season 1 Cast, Trailer & More

Dash & Lily Season 1 Cast, Trailer & More – All in a single post. Netflix has always come up with several series, which are the adoption of novels or books. However, this time also they are coming up with this kind of stuff. Dash & Lily is the upcoming new series on Netflix. In addition, the producers adapted the series from a novel by David Leviathan and Rachel Cohn. Nick Jonas and Shawn Levy have produced the Dash & Lily series. Silberling and Tracz are executive producers of the show.

Fred Savage and Brad Silberling are two directors of the series. However, the show is a romantic-drama treat, which describes the relationship between Dash and Lily. The tagline of Dash & Lily series is: “This holiday, true love is only a dare away.”

Cast – Dash & Lily Season 1

The start cast of the first season of the show Dash & Lily are Austin Abrams and Midori Francis star as Dash and Lily, respectively. The story of the show Dash and Lily spins around a miss Lily who is looking for love. For love, she drops her red diary on her favourite bookshop rack as her buddy advised her. However, Dash later crosses Lily’s book and chooses to take on the dare mentioned in the diary. Eventually the two fall in love with each other.

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Netflix has announced an official synopsis of the series Dash & Lily. The overall idea is that this is a story of love between two genders. They are enjoying their love by travelling new york city. Dash and Lily fall in love after a challenge that was written in lily’s notebook.

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According to videotape news, “Lily is a 16-year-old young lady and is looking for an amazing love. She follows her sibling’s recommendation and leaves her red journal on her favourite bookshop rack. The book is brimming with dares, and it’s trusting that the correct person will go along and acknowledge Lily’s demand. Run runs over Lily’s book and chooses to take on the test.

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From the videotape report, “Lily is a 16-year-old young mature girl and looking for having amazing love. She got advice from her sibling. He recommends leaving her red notebook on her favourite bookshop shelf. The book is with a challenge, and lily is confident that hir dream boy will take and accept Lily’s challenge.” The team sends each other chasing each other in Manhattan during Christmas. They go gaga for themselves on every page. For him, his biggest challenge will be found on the occasion that he has the same chemistry as a human being too!


The trailer of the tv show Dash & Lily has previously out. Furthermore, the trailer has got some positive reactions from the spectators.

In the end, everyone has high hopes from the first season of the series. However, fans will not have to expect long for the upcoming series in November.

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