Chicago Typewriter Season 2 Release date and All Updates

Chicago Typewriter Season 2 Release date and All Updates
Chicago Typewriter Season 2 Release date and All Updates

Chicago typewriter is a TV Series from South Korea. This South Korean series was aired in 2017. This Korean series had 16 Episode in total. All were popular among the viewers. Now Chicago Typewriter is becoming a most awaited show on Netflix. Here in this Post, we are going to reveal information about Chicago Typewriter Season 2 Release Date and etc.

Chicago Typewriter Season 2 Release date

Till now there is no solid information to share among viewers, so we have to wait for the further updates on the TV Series.

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Cast in TV Series

The Star cast is listed below:

  • Yoo Ah-in as Han Se Joo
  • Choi Min-Young as Young Han Se-Joo
  • I’m Soo-Jung as Jeon Soul
  • Choi Myung-bin as young Jeon Seol
  • Jo Min-ah as young Ryu Soo-Hyun
  • Go Kyung -Pyo as Yoo Jin-oh
  • Kwak Si-vang as Baek Tae-min
  • Son Sang Yeon as young Baek Tae -min and many more

Park Ji-Hoon, who acted the role of Jeon Doo-yeob will not continue with season 2. Because of death due to stomach cancer recently. We are expecting the same cast in the second season too.

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The Storyline

The whole story of this TV series will revolve around a writer. Who is very famous among the people. Han Se Joo is that writer who is famous and have hardcore fans like Jeon Seol, and Yoo Jin Oh. Yoo Jin Oh is a Mysterious ghost, and want to help Han Se Joo. The Writer is experiencing some problem and the ghost is helping him in coming out from the problem. The story becomes interesting when, they free one writer and two fans realise that, they was in relation far before in the 19 30s. All those three are opponents in the past, but now come together to help each other. This trio will definitely be one of the reason of the popularity on the TV Series.

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The Trailer

We know watching the trailer before the release is very important to make a real idea about the coming Series. You can check that here.

Click Here

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