Angry Birds: Summer Madness TV Series Coming?

Angry Birds Summer Madness TV Series

Angry Birds matured a worldwide sensation after its first release in 2009. The game had various variants, consisting the most downloaded Angry Birds: Star Wars. The success of the game also led to two successful feature films, which were successful at the box office. Now, an Angry Birds TV series is under development. Here we have covered every update to know about the Angry Birds: Summer Madness TV series.


Angry Birds: Summer Madness will centre the more childish days of the main trio – Red, Chuck and Bomb. Along with all winged friends, the trio will appear at a summer camp under the direction of their lazy and suspicious counsellor, Mighty Eagle. The series will centre the crazed summertime experiences of birds, as well as improbable mischiefs, literal explosive antics (caused by bombs) and comprehensive rule-breaking.

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Summer Madness is Rovio Entertainment’s first long-form television series. Rovio’s first TV shoe was Angry Birds Toons, which was premiered in 2013 and worked for three seasons.

Production – Angry Birds: Summer Madness TV Series

Rovio Entertainment, which designed the iconic innovative game, is addressing on the series. Rovio has presented the series with CAKE, the production company that manages Rovio’s film and television shows globally.

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There is no clear declaration for who is are members of the show. The show may feature entirely new artists, or film series characters may be reprised their roles. Cast members of the film returning for the show include:

  • Jason Sudeikis as Red
  • Josh Gad as Chuck
  • Danny McBride as Bomb
  • Peter Dinklage as Peter Hank
  • Leader of the Pigs as Leonard

Release Date – Angry Birds: Summer Madness TV Series

With the increasing risk of Coronavirus in the world, much rescheduling is taking place. However, Angry Birds: Summer Model is going to be released on Netflix in 2021. Its official launch date has not yet been announced.

Angry Birds: Summer Madness will be one trial of a joyride, particularly for all Angry Birds fans. The show will be famous because everybody loves sports and movies! Until then, stay secured and stay connected for more updates.

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