An Aim in life is the only fortune worth finding !


Everyone has a aim in life to do something extraordinary…to achieve something great…to make your parents proud of yourself… And last but not the least self dependent!!! Often students start making decisions about their future right from the beginning of their education. Some dream to become engineer, doctor, teacher etc. etc. And I too was a student like that. Right from my childhood I aspired to become a Doctor which is considered as a noble profession in our country. It’s well said that “only few dream a carrier devoted to help others… Fewer become Doctor”. My dream was also devoted to a carrier to help others. Not all the dreams come true and same happened with me. In our country it’s very difficult to get admission in Medical colleges because for a limited number of seats there is rat race. Everyone wants to be ahead of another.

I started preparation for medical entrances from the beginning of 11th class. Almost every student joins coaching center in order to master their skills and prepare then well for the entrance examinations. But i couldn’t afford lakhs of fees of coaching center. I used to study myself. In the entrances I scored rank in thousands- 13k or 25 k. From the point of view of first attempt without joining any coaching center, I was quiet satisfied with what i learnt, performed and scored. But i couldn’t get admission in any medical college. Why??? Because I am General Category student??? Is it my fault that i don’t belong to any of the reserved categories!!! Seeing the other students getting admission in top colleges even after scoring rank beyond one lakh really hurts a lot. I don’t deny that general category students don’t get admission… Yes they do… But only the luckiest and extraordinary and hardworking ones

Almost half of the total seats are reserved. Students having reservation quota get admission easily even if they score very less marks. Why is it so??? For the admission in same college, the cutoff for a general category student is 95% and for a reserved candidate it is 70 %!!! I don’t understand why such a huge difference??? Why those average students get admission easily and depriving a bright student to get admission? In medical colleges, reserved candidates get admission easily. Half of the total seats are just for the reserved candidates. Haven’t anyone thought which kind of doctor the would become in future if they can’t score well. Surely, they will get the degree and definitely would become a doctor. But isn’t there a huge difference between two students of which one got admission at 95% marks and the other got at 70%!!! In the present scenario…people belonging to reserved categories are much financially strong than the non reserved ones. Most of them are working at higher and prestigious posts in various government sectors. Then why reservation for them??? I was too much passionate about my dream of becoming a doctor but unfortunately nothing happened like what i dreamed!! Many of my friends got themselves enrolled in private colleges. That was too not affordable for me. I don’t belong to a family who can spend 10-15 lakhs in a year to pay the fees of private colleges. Private colleges are just a way to earn through a business!!! And so the coaching centers who are making lot of income in the name of entrances education. Apart from this… Seats are also filled by management quota…even in government colleges!!! Yes it’s shocking… But it’s true… One of my neighbour’s relative, who used to be a nil and average student got admission in topmost prestigious college. You know how? His father paid 50 lakhs for the admission. Isn’t this unfair. If someone is so financially strong then it doesn’t mean that he take over the right of another brilliant student just by the power of money!!!

Not only in medical field, but in each and profession this reservation quota is a big issue. God has given mind to all of us… It’s the way we use it that differentiates everyone. It’s okay with reservation for the students who really have a poor background, who are not financially capable, who don’t have educational resources and any kind of problem. Surely, those students must be given opportunity. But why for those who have everything. This opportunity is misused by those who have power. This kind of partiality shouldn’t occur with the students especially with our generation. Obviously there is a rat race for admission, but everyone should be given equal chance. Isn’t it??? Often many bright students get deprived from what they deserve!!! Apart from this, only bookish knowledge shouldn’t be considered for the selection basis for a particular thing. You can’t achieve something by becoming a bookworm. Practical knowledge also matters.

Time and conditions change so rapidly that we must keep our aim constantly focused on the future. And that’s why not wasting a single year for the preparation of medical entrance exam i got admission in Bachelor of Sciences in Delhi University But some students are so determinate that once they decide to do something they will try again and again for that. Students spend years for preparing for medical entrance exams. They try again and again, twice thrice or so on. I am not denying that they can do it but it’s well said that be happy with what you have and are, be generous with both and you won’t have to hunt for happiness. Remember ” Work hard and achieve anything, Aim higher Dream bigger, Stay blessed, Trust your struggle. It’s now or never!!!”


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