10 Miniseries like Oliver Twist – Must Watch

10 Miniseries like Oliver Twist

Miniseries may be a new word for you because this word is the combination of two words: Mini & Series. Series with less number of episodes and strong plots mostly liked by people. Here we are going to discuss 10 Miniseries like Oliver Twist.

Oliver Twist is also a miniseries that was very popular in its time. This miniseries was an adaptation of a novel by Charles Dickens. This five-episode miniseries was out for the public in 2007. As we told you, it is inspired by Charles Dickens’s novel, but miniseries makers made some changes in plot and characters to make it more effective and entertaining miniseries.

10 Miniseries like Oliver Twist – Must Watch

1. Rome

This program has various important old characters and talks about their acts and results. The show was made in such a way that it mainly focuses on Titus Pullo and Lucius Vorenus, who are soldiers cum common men.

2. Medici

Medici is also a famous miniseries. Nicholas Meyer and Frank Spotnitz are the producers of this historical drama show. The program reflects the Medici family, who are the famous business family in Italy. The setting is during Renaissance Florence. Every season of Medici is very unique because it usually focuses on one particular moment in the family history of the House of Medici.

3. Patrick Melrose

As the name of the miniseries hints, its main character is Patrick, miniseries follows this character for around 50 years of his life. In the story, Patrick goes through trauma and addictions because of his abusive father and a careless and rude mother. He belongs to a rich family in his town. Edward St Aubyn’s autobiographies are the source from where the story is used in the film.

4. Band of Brothers

Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg are executive producers of this beautiful show. It has scenes from the history of multiple parts of the United States Army, such as:

  • 2nd Battalion
  • Easy Company
  • 101st Airborne Division
  • 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment

Their story starts with training to an important part of the past of the United States.

5. Sons of Anarchy

Kurt Sutter has produced this show, which was popular on television for about seven years. Its story revolves around an outlaw motorcycle club, close-knit, and operates in the Central Valley’s fictional town in California. In this show, Jack has multiple questions with no solutions. Actually, he is the president of the club. Multiple questions for which he was trying to find answers, came to his mind after reading a manifesto, that was written by his father.

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6. The Crown

As the name hints, this miniseries spins around the very rich and royal family. Every season covers different parts of that royal family history. In its first Philip and Elizabeth got married. The Story runs around the marriage of Philip and Elizabeth. In this second season, some more noticeable events occur like the retirement of Harold Macmillan (Prime Minister), the Suez crisis, and the birth of Prince Edward.

7. Banshee

The show was shot around the small town, Pennsylvania. A character, Rabbit is a powerful don in the miniseries, he was a crime lord in the story. An ex-con who is afraid of the don was trying to hide from him. He takes the identity of a sheriff by name Lucas Hood. The sheriff was actually murdered by someone. The ex-con was actually in love with the crime lord’s daughter, named Anastasia. As a fake sheriff, he tries to connect with her girlfriend, to whom he loves a lot.

8. Merlin

This miniseries is totally inspired by Arthurian legends. In this series, King Arthur and Merlin are in a special relationship. Merlin is actually a young wizard in the series. As per the story, Merlin has to keep his powers’ secret from King Arthur’s father, named Uther Pendragon. Its five seasons are live for the viewers in the market.

9. Victoria

This miniseries follows the life story of Victoria, Queen Victoria. It has the story of her previous life, means about her life before her queen’s pledge as a queen Victoria.  Do you know about her story when she was in the early age of 18? She was in love and a strong relationship with Lord Melbourne, followed by a wedding ceremony and the childbirth of her daughter, Princess Royal Victoria.

10. Top Boy

London Borough of Hackney is the place where the story focuses. Top Boy is a crime & drama series and its three seasons are already out. The miniseries also caught rapper Drake’s observation, after which Netflix revived it for further seasons.

Miniseries are a great option to enjoy watching stories and not carry on with a film for a long time. It is also a nice option for light watching when you don’t have time to watch lengthy serials. Share something about your experiences with miniseries. We will be happy to have to on this page too.


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